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Pink ZoN Overview

The Power of Exercise = Prevention


Welcome to the Pink ZoN! The Pink ZoN is about taking a proactive approach to a healthy lifestyle and making exercise work for you. Its about arming yourself with information about the power of exercise in disease prevention.

Mission and Message

Exercise is a powerful tool in the quest for overall health, and more importantly, a key to disease prevention. This potentially life changing message needs to be communicated to all women.

Professional Pink Partnerships

ZoN Fitness has teamed with health professionals, including Dr. Melanie Bone, M.D. and Dr. James Peterson, Ph.D., FACSM as well as Master Fitness Educators and Trainers Joy Prouty and Josie Gardner to develop our program of fitness and breast cancer prevention education.

Why Bright Pink®?

Realizing the value of personal empowerment, ZoN Fitness immediately related to and connected with the national, non-profit organization Bright Pink® founded by Lindsay Avner.

Lindsay Avner, founder and executive director of Bright Pink

Lindsay realized there was a need for a community of high-risk young women who also had a family history of breast and ovarian cancer. To inspire young women to be proactive about their health, Lindsay founded Bright Pink® in 2007.

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Authored by Dr. Melanie Bone. Simple step-by-step illustrated Breast Self Exam Guide.Breast Self Exam Guide

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These products benefit you and a great cause, the Bright Pink® non-profit charity.

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Bright Pink® and the Bright Pink® logo are used with the express consent and permission of Bright Pink NFP. Bright Pink NFP is an authorized charitable organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).